Welcome To CNA Headquarters

welcome-imageYou’ve reached the one stop shop for everything you need to know about becoming a certified nursing assistant. Deciding to work within the healthcare sector is one of the most rewarding career choices you can make today.

It takes an extraordinary person to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Anyone can complete the CNA training and pass the certification exam, but only a few posses the compassion and genuine sincerity to serve those people who are ill or with disabilities.

Certified nursing assistants are employed in hospitals, private clinics, hospices, and long-term care facilities. They perform daily routine tasks and direct care to patients under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN).

They are the “unsung heroes” in the health care field, and their passion to care for others is the ultimate reason why so many of them entered the profession. Working as a CNA also offers a great stepping stone to a more advanced health career.


Certified Nurse Assistant Job Description

The job description of a certified nursing assistant will vary according to the health care facility where one is working. For example, a CNA will be assigned mainly to help with the activities of daily living of patients or seniors in a nursing home.

Others working in hospitals will be tasked to observe, document and report treatment and clinical information of patients, assist with motion exercises, as well as monitor their vital signs such as pulse rate, blood pressure, and temperature.